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Caution, warning: sells dead tropical seeds. Deal with them at your own risk. I sent them $45 and I got dead cherry of the rio grande seeds. Their reply was, send the seeds back and we will send you a refund less shipping costs. I planted the seeds and waited more than a month and none germinated. How can I dig up and send back rotted dead seeds?


MrTexas has some 3, 7, and 10 gallon citrus trees for sale. Most trees available on flying dragon trifoliate dwarfing rootstock

Planting/care/fertilizing instructions for Citrus in SouthEast Texas Click Here   

I have: rio red grapefruit, cara cara red navel, satsuma, lemon, golden grapefruit and several unique and rare citrus as well.  Also for sale: culinary bay leaf trees, allspice, barbados cherry.  These are only available FOB in Beaumont, TX. No shipping. Texas nursery license 0386975. Call cell 8909-982-904(backwards)

I recommend dwarf rootstock for citrus in southeast Texas

There are no true dwarfing rootstocks available for citrus like there are for apples, however flying dragon trifoliate rootstock will reduce the size of citrus trees by about 40%.  Instead of an eventual height of 15-20 feet, dwarf citrus trees will reach 8-10 feet high and wide.  They can be planted 8 feet apart.  The fruit is of excellent quality and equal size.  You don't need a ladder to harvest the fruit.  The trees I propagate for myself are all dwarf.  Trees are easier to protect for extreme freezes.  Dwarf is the best rootstock for container grown citrus.


Tarroco blood orange disappointing

in SE Texas.

This blood orange is supposedly one of the best tasting in California. I waited patiently for 5 years for my thorny tarroco branch to bear fruit. The fruit was only pale orange, NO streaks of red, and bland tasting by the time we had our 19F freeze around Christmas time.  I think it's too late bearing for SE Texas. I've had much better luck with moro and sanguinelli. I had a 5 gallon bucket of moro fruit with streaks of red last year by Christmas time that tasted good. This year's sanguinelli fruit was excellent tasting by Christmas and the streaks of red turned to blood red orange juice with a sprightly good taste.

Sanguinelli blood orange juice


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How to protect citrus trees from freezes

Bank dirt around the trunk of your tree.  I split a nursery pot and fill it up with dirt. The ground won't freeze.  The top might freeze but the dirt will save the rootstock and the graft.  The tree will grow back in only one year!
Before the freeze

Just after the freeze

Leaves somewhat damaged, tree still alive

Spring leafing out March 1

Lost nearly all leaves but leafing out in the spring

Fully recovered in July, no blooms this spring


You can also cover your tree and put a heater or light bulb under the cover.  If you think ahead, you can make a structure like this one to make covering easier


My backyard after years of buying on flea-bay 28 AR Ford roadster pickup


"Get a bicycle.  You won't regret it if you live."  Mark Twain

MrTexas and his 1889 54 inch high wheel bicycle and Kennedy 54 inch reproduction high wheel bicycle

I can now be seen cycling around the neighborhood on my 54 scaring dogs and children as often as he can.  I always wear a helmet though. My English 1889 Royal Mail.  It is one of the better examples of a late ordinary as it has ball bearings in the head and cranks and a very ornate mustache style handlebars.  My nickel plated Kennedy 54" high wheel bike.  Very close to an antique in looks and ride.  A reproduction built in the 1970s

This is a Star "safety" highwheel. I wish I had one

Ouch! This is called doing a header

Hello from Phil and Hannah!



1929 Model A Ford Roadster

This is the color scheme I'm finishing up painting  Rose beige and seal brown stripes I'll have black wheels though

my A


Best  and most complete source on the web for how to convert Model A Brakes to Hydraulic


How to install hydraulic brakes click here



How to restore a Model A Ford Tillotson Carburetor



How to install a Weber Carburetor



Best  and most complete source on the web for how to convert F100 Ford Steering Box for Model A

How to do an  F100 Steering Box Conversion click here



Beaumont is located about 90 miles east of Houston, TX

Beaumont is 460 miles NW of Brownsville, TX, the Texas citrus belt. However, this is a prime location to grow satsumas!

Topworking to a new variety

Snow in Texas on orange trees

A Redder Grapefruit for Texas